Skin shot

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"Skin shot for me. I could do with a breeze..."

I put my arm on the counter.

She sorts quickly beneath the bar and comes back up with a tiny glass cylinder.

She presses it to my skin, and with an expert flick, lights up the end of the cylinder. In an instant I’m bathed in a warm breeze rippling deliciously down my body... and away. I sigh happily.

The woman grins. “You like that, huh? I never have been able to understand the appeal.”

I put down a few choice minerals. “Any chance you've seen Peregrin around today?” I say.

She shrugs. “Who’s asking?”

“A friend,” I say, pushing them towards her.

“He might be upstairs,” she says. "Since you say you're a friend."

I head for the door.

“Take the ponies instead,” she says, pointing with her chin towards a small grouping of carvings in the corner. “They’re new. You guys will like them.”

Take the ponies?


Take the stairs?

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