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The Oup Hind System

Click on a character to start.

Play: Dai "David" Lumen

A quirky, secretive ‘Finder’ recently recruited into the Phyrnosian military for his ability to run down everything from Zuulite to military targets, Dai is about to receive a proposition from Eriphet, a high ranking Phyrnosian official with secrets of his own...

Play: Isela Greithing & Theodore Snopes

Isela Greithing is a beautiful Phyrnosian countess whose adventures ( Discovery ) have tangled her in a high-profile murder, but she and bounty hunter Theodore Snopes can't keep their hands off each other. They're about to receive a strange distress signal from Sand Maiden, the trading outpost on the outer fringe of the Oup Hind system...

Play: Cat Starless & Joh Collison

This unlikeliest of alliances formed during Wandering Starless, when Isela Greithing freed Cat Starless from a slave market. Isela placed the girl into the care of Joh Collison, a Phyrnosian trader and longtime friend of the Greithing family. As Joh sped Starless out of Phayara, they stumbled across members of the Rush camped in the Ni-Chee desert, bargaining illegally mined Gemicene to the Phyrnosian military. The Rush hope that if they can only supply enough Gemicene to the corrupt troops, they can ply safe passage into the Frontiers...

As our story begins, Starless & Collison have just stolen a ship from the Rush encampment. They are traveling into the Frontiers where a dangerous new world awaits...

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